Introducer Net

What is Introducer Net?

Introducer Net allows accredited Westpac Brokers to sign in for a range of services and information, all in the one convenient place. Introducer Net is an internet site designed especially for Brokers to help you track your loans and access current interest rates and loan product information.

How can you access Introducer Net?

If you are an existing accredited Westpac Introducer, contact your Westpac Business Development Manager (BDM) for an access form. Fax your completed form to your BDM and your access will be granted within two working days.

What functionality does Introducer Net have?

  • Application progress - gives you a summary of your loans, and allows you to look at individual loans in greater detail. Keep track of milestones reached on specific loans and view comments made by the Westpac staff who input and credit score the application.
  • Forms - download the most commonly used Westpac forms and worksheets.
  • Calculators - access our specially designed calculators that will make estimating your client's borrowing capacity easy.
  • Interest rates - access the latest interest rate information on all our mortgage products, including Mandatory Comparison Rates.
  • Westpac loans - view full details of all Westpac home loans, including current fees, additional options, terms and conditions.
  • Policy and procedures - access information on application procedures, verifying customer details, assessing serviceability, mortgage insurance requirements, progressive drawdown requirements, security and LVR.
  • F.A.S.T. notifications - set up your profile to receive messaging alerts advising you of the current status of your deals with Westpac.

How can Introducer Net assist your business?

Introducer Net can assist your business in a number of ways:

  • Manage your Westpac loan portfolio more efficiently by viewing all your loans on one summary page
  • Keep up to date with the status of your loan applications, whether you are in or out of the office via SMS or email notifications, using our F.A.S.T technology
  • Access all of the latest information on our loan products, interest rates and fees in one convenient location.