Cash flow is critically important to every business.

In this webinar, our cash flow experts will provide you and your clients with a simple, yet practical model that will help you gain a better understanding of how cash flows through the business. We will also focus on where cash can hide within a business, and how to free up that cash within the cash flow cycle. This 25 minute on-demand webinar will focus on building cash flow management ability within your business, with particular emphasis on how to get cash flowing smoothly.

Click on the HERE to start the video webinar and share with your clients.

We’ll help your clients to learn how to:

  • identify how cash flows through your business
  • identify places where cash hides within a business
  • free up the cash caught up in the cash flow cycle

This webinar is ideal for anyone who is:

  • an existing business owner or manager who is responsible for the cash flow of a project
  • an existing business owner or manager who is undergoing a short term cash crunch
  • looking to develop cash management skills; and
  • any team members in your office looking to broaden their understanding about business finance.

Read the full webinar summary here.

*0.5 MFAA CPD points attributed to this Westpac webinar. Once you have completed watching, please reply via email back to obtain the MFAA event code.

Posted: June 2, 2017

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